Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Washington

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Since its inception many years ago, the rescue arm of the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Washington (STCGW) has rescued Scotties in need. Over the last twenty years, there has been an increase in the number of homeless and abandoned animals. Confirming this increase, our club has rescued well over 500 Scotties and sent them to new, loving homes.

Dog ownership is a huge commitment of time and money. If you are interested in adopting a Scottie, make sure you go to the Web sites of the American Kennel Club,, and the Scottish Terrier Club of America,, and research all the information available about the breed to make sure you have selected the right breed for your lifestyle and family dynamics.

Be prepared to spend about $1500 a year on routine medical care and prevention drugs for heartworm disease, ticks and fleas. In the Washington Metro area we often experience mild winters, so your dog should be protected year round. Plan on entering your rescue Scottie in obedience training that uses positive reinforcement. This is to ensure that your pet is trained to be a pleasure to anyone he meets.

Our adoption process starts with identifying the rescue you want to adopt. All of our available dogs are posted on, Scotties, in zip code 20905.

If you see an STCGW rescue dog that interests you, complete an application for the dog by going to the Web site of the Scottish Terrier Club of America, The Online Adoption Request application can be found in the rescue section of the site. Choose “Adopting a Scottie” and you will see the application. Using the drop down list, select “Rescue Coordinators” and select Jeanne Lishia as your coordinator. Your application will be forwarded to her and she will contact you.

The next step is for the coordinator to speak with the references provided on your application. Then, if you are approved, we will schedule a visit to your home, and, if possible, we will bring the rescue along. We ask that everyone who lives in the home be present at that meeting.

Our average adoption donation is $400. It can be higher or lower depending upon the age of the dog and its medical needs. All donations go toward medical care for our rescued dogs. Our policy requires that we spay or neuter, vaccinate and test and treat the dogs for heartworm disease and parasites and any other medical issues prior to placement. In cases where a chronic condition exists, the adopter must agree to continue treatment at his or her own expense.

The last step is a twenty-four hour waiting period after your home is approved before the dog is placed. That is to give you a chance to be sure that adopting this dog is right for you.

If you’d like more information on the rescue process or wish to volunteer to help with rescue or foster a dog, contact Jeanne at


Rescue Dogs Currently Available for Adoption

Please remember that we have dogs available and send anyone looking for a Scottie our way. The dogs in rescue are:

  • Kinsey, a nine-year-old diabetic lass. Kinsey is a typical Scot and she rules the roost. She is doing very well on medication and we would love to see her in a home where she gets all the attention she deserves.

  • Franklin, a seven-year-old, came from a horrible situation where he was very neglected. He is doing well now and loves to play catch. He is an affectionate guy and would make a great companion.

  • Pepper is also a ten-year-old who acts like a kid. She came from a home where she was neglected and needed extensive dental care when she came to us. She is a sweetie and is as smart as a whip. She could so well in any home with or without dogs.

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Scot Rescue Fund

The Scot Rescue Fund is grateful for all donations. Even a little bit helps. The older dogs require so much more medical care because most of them have suffered medical neglect for a number of years. Please be generous. All funds go for medical care for the dogs.

Contact Jeanne Lishia to contribute.